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We are a full service travel agency with a global network and expertise in business and leisure travel, both for individuals and groups. The whole world in one place.
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How to book:  
Call, e-mail or book online. Our self-booking system includes all your company’s travel deals and discounts. You will also find TRAVELNET Reisevarehuset´s hotel deals in the system.
Business travel
+47 73 88 41 00

Group travel
+47 73 88 41 80

Leisure travel
+47 73 88 41 95

Save time and money!
You get more benefits when you make all your travel reservations (business, holidays, groups) based on your company´s and our price agreements. It’s all about volume – the more bookings you make, the better agreements you get. And you save time.

In 2016 we helped our customers save 57,3% in travel savings and discounts.

Value for the company - value for the employees.

Service guarantee 24-7
Our 29 professional travel agents are ready to help you.
Try us – roumers say that we are the friendliest travel agency in town.

Emergency service
Our 24 hour emergency service offers travel support to our clients outside of standard business hours.
Weekdays 17:00-08:00 (Norwegian time)

Friday 17:00  –  Monday 08:00 (Norwegian time)

Phone +47 97 97 88 88

Please note: this service has a fee.

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Online booking
Book your own flights and hotel reservations in our online system.
All your company`s discounts and agreements are implemented here.
In addition you will get access to Travelnet`s own excellent hotel prices.
For questions, please contact online@travelnet.no +47 73 88 41 13

We take care of everything
Are you arranging a group travel, a conference, team building or a kick-off?
We will assist you with both planning and organizing to assure every aspect of your arrangement runs smoothly.

Excellent prices for your own holidays!
If you are wondering where to start, the easiest way is to either call us or send us an email.
Whether it is a cruise, a charter travel, trip to the USA or perhaps a more exotic destination, we have experts in every field.
No trip is too small or too big. And best og all - it doesn`t cost to ask!  

Travel guides  
Plan your perfect holiday with TRAVELNET travel guides.
Travel guides gives you good advices on restaurants, sights, bars & clubs, cafes and other destination information. We have over 400 travel guides on our web-site.  Get inspired!
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